Since the support for the Battle For Middle Earth games has stopped, the official servers have stopped as well. Fortunately however, there are other alternatives for playing online games.

T3A:Online[edit | edit source]

This is the most common method of playing AotR online as the mod was designed for this. Use the following instructions to play with this method:

  1. Visit the T3A:Online website's setup guide and read the tutorial (note: it's an image slideshow, so make sure to press next)
  2. After reading the above and installing the T3A:Online launcher, open it, go to Hook, and hook up RotWK. If the check doesn't appear, make sure you're running it as administrator.
  3. Open the AotR shortcut. It should now open with the T3A:Online launcher. Press RotWK, and the mod should start. If not, your hooking didn't work, and you need to run as administrator.
  4. Go into Multiplayer > Online and log in with your T3A:Online credentials. If the game tells you to update, press cancel, exit, and run the shortcut as administrator and in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.

If there are continual issues, there is a support forum available here. It is likely that any issues would already have been encountered and posted here. The forums also include a guide to port forwarding.

Gameranger[edit | edit source]

While less common, there are AotR games on Gameranger. Due to the way that AotR is installed, some extra steps will need to be taken to allow games here.

Follow these instructions to get Gameranger working with the new Age of the Ring launcher

  1. Go to User > Options and then the Game Tab
  2. Scroll down to Rise of the Witch King
  3. Click browse and go to this folder: C:\Program Files\Age of the Ring
  4. Select the file called lotrbfme2ep1.exe

Once you've completed this, you will be able to play AotR using Gameranger.

To switch back, simply repeat the procedure but instead select the lotrbfme2ep1.exe file located in C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king.

If the game doesn't launch, run the start up fixer provided here.

And then use the 2.02 launcher to change your resolution back.

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