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"Gandalf? Yes... that was what they used to call me. Gandalf the Grey. That was my name. I am Gandalf the White. And I come back to you the turn of the tide."

After Gandalf the Grey's duel with Durin's Bane, his spirit was sent back to Middle Earth with greater powers. Robed in white, Gandalf became what Saruman should've been, had he not been corrupted by ambition and jealousy. After saving Rohan from the forces of Saruman, Gandalf travelled to Minas Tirith where he contested with Denethor over the defence of the city. Throughout the following siege, Gandalf inspired all around him and helped the Gondorians resist the effects of the Nazgul. He himself stood against the Witch-king before the Rohirrim arrived and saved Faramir on multiple occasions. All this time, Gandalf knew that Frodo's quest was the most important and that all his actions in the war must be to help the Hobbit if victory was to be achieved.


Level 1: Chief of the Istari (W) - Dismounted: Close range attack that blasts back enemies. Can only be used when dismounted. Left click icon then left click on target.

Mounted: Targeted enemy hero is stunned and takes damage. Left click icon then left click on target.

Modifier Type: Leadership. Allies near Gandalf gain +300% armour to magic and elemental damage, earn experience 100% faster and become immune to fear and terror. Stacks with buffs and spells. Passive ability.

Shield Bubble. Gandalf occasionally gains +300% armour and resistance to knockback when activated. Passive ability but can be activated with shortcut (U).

Level 3: Prepare for Battle (R) - Modifier Type: Spell. Target structure temporarily gains +75% unit production speed. Target units temporarily gain resistance to knockback and +25% speed. Stacks with Leadership and Spells. Left click icon then left click on target.

Level 5: Mount/Dismount Shadowfax (T) - Left click to switch between mounted on Shadowfax and on foot.

Level 7: Flame of Anor (C) - Beam of light that damages enemies. Bonus vs. Balrogs and Nazgûl. Left click icon then left click on target

Level 10: You Shall Not Pass (V) - Blasts back and stuns enemies in a wide radius around Gandalf. Left click to activate.


Gandalf is a very powerful hero for Gondor. His ability can be very destructive in the right hands. Chief of the Istari when grounded is a close ranged AOE move that is great against clumped up units. The mounted equivalent can allow Gandalf to counter heroes by stunning them in place, allowing allies to deal heavy damage to them or to allow Gandalf to escape. Flame of Anor is best used against single strong targets such as heroes to deal high damage. It has a small AOE but isn't best used for this purpose. You Shall Not Pass will throw down units around Gandalf, leaving them open for additional attacks from allies. Gandalf is also a powerful supportive hero with a very strong leadership. He can also grant a target building increased unit production and boost nearby unit speed further to allow for quick reinforcements. A skilled user of Gandalf will be able to prevent his death by using Shadowfax's high mobility to evade enemy forces, while also micromanaging his Shield Bubble to avoid powerful attacks.